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Frequently asked questions when hiring a mover

Guidelines we share at BD Movers.

What do I need to do on moving day?

If you are doing the packing, finish the packing and have all boxes sealed and labeled.  Remember that lamps, shades and pictures all need to be put in boxes as well. We can pack those if needed, just let us know the day before so we can bring the proper packing materials.

NJ Realtor Commissions

In NJ,  your Realtor commission is negotiable.  You and the Realtor agree on a percentage usually based on sales price of your home.

NJ Mover, BD Movers, uses innovative crating to speed moves

BD Movers, an NJ moving company, recently invested in these crates to speed up moves. We load Flat Screens, pictures, and mirrors in a fraction of the time yet move safely than in cardboard boxes. Win - Win for the client and us.


Moving Tip from the 70’s – moving your CB Radio

Breaker, Breaker, Do you have a CB Radio you need moved? Perhaps you’re rolling (moving) to Shakey Town (Los Angeles) .

Moving tip from the 70’s – Pet Rocks

It has been said, if your friend is a Pet Rock,  you need to move to some place where there are people.

Moving tip from the 70’s

Getting ready to move your leisure suits? Save your money and do not buy wardrobe boxes!

My furniture won’t fit up the stairs, now what?

What do you do when the furniture will not fit up the stair case?


Options to hiring an NJ Moving company

I recently gave a short informational talk to a group about moving. One of the constant questions I get is: “Why hire a mover when I can do this with my friends and family?”


I met your neighbor, you should move!

The other day I was doing estimates in a gated community, parking was tight and I had to park on the street a little down from my clients house

I want to move now!

Years ago, in less crazy times, people would call and say, “I need to move in 8 weeks, can I have an estimate?”  If they called and needed to move quickly, red flags went up.  You’re moving and it just occurred to you?


"Tony provided service when, where, and how we agreed. I have hired Tony to move an office desk into a difficult space and also to move my entire home and office. Each time the service level was considerably above my expectations. I have and will continue to recommended Tony and his company to friends, family, and colleagues. Tony's attributes also include Personable, Good Value, On Time, and Creative."

- Frank Monetti