Leaving the good 'ol USA? We'll sync up with our trusted overseas and international partners, and make sure your trip across the pond, or over the border, is smoother than you thought possible.

international moving company, international relocations, international removalsWe work with oversea relocation experts.

The process is fairly simple; it starts with an in-house estimate of your possessions. There are many items you should not move, for instance, will your VCR work in France? (Maybe not, they use a different video format and the electricity in Europe is not our usual 110 AC.)

I then contact the overseas broker and find the appropriate port to ship into. Are there strikes at ports in Greece at this time? (There were during the summer of 2003.) I will know how best to route you around problems (war areas). All arrangements are made to deliver and place the furniture at the new home.

A container is delivered to your home and I load it. The process is slower and more involved than a regular move. This is not a self-move event. All your furniture is padded and packed. We build a bulkhead to secure your furniture for an ocean trip.

The overseas broker has made sure all the forms are correct for customs officials at both ends.

He makes sure the container is moved through the port handlers and to the movers that deliver it into your home.

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