Moving closer to your family in Hoboken? Closer to your job in Cape May to cut that commute? Let us know. We're ready to help.

All local movers in New Jersey are regulated by the NJ Board of Public Movers, 973-504-6475. Calling this number will confirm a mover's license and insurance.

All movers must come to your house, survey your home and give you an estimate.

We offer a firm price for your move.

Most company's rates are by the hour, weight, or cubic foot. All of them have their problems if an estimator is inexperienced or unethical. For instance, do you know how long your move will take, how much the furniture weighs, or how much of our truck it will fill?

Estimates are always free.

We can pack or supply you with boxes and such if you need it. We can make multiple stops or pickups for you on moving day. Remember: you hire a mover to make your life easier!

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