Senior Tips

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Voting Tips for Seniors

Here are quick tips for voters, including seniors, before heading to the polls:

NJ Senior Moves

I was called to help a customer that was moving from Toms River NJ to an assisted living facility. When I met her, she was just getting back from the doctors. Her arthritis has gotten so bad that the simple things are sometimes just to hard to do. Cooking is impossible some days, and getting dressed can be an ordeal.

Senior Moving Specialist

I did an estimate yesterday for a senior moving to the Buffalo NY area. I have not been so charmed by anyone in quite awhile.

NJ Senior Move Specialist

I did an estimate for moving yesterday for a couple moving to North Carolina. They are moving to be closer to their children. The daughter found me and asked us to go out and determine the needs and costs involved.

New Jersey Senior Move Specialist, BD Movers

Friday was typical, I had a couple of estimates for seniors that involved assisted living,

Why do Seniors Move?

There are many reasons why we decide to move, new job, better schools, bigger house. That fits the bill for 20-50 year olds but why do seniors move? You may be surprised by a couple of these.

Moving companies and Senior move managers

There is a difference between the two and there is a new hybrid. Moving companies typically pack and move, perhaps unpack onto counter tops and table tops. That is it.

National Association of Senior Move Managers

What is or who are the NASMM?

Strangers on moving day

Consumer agency’s tell us that our seniors, as a group, are the most taken advantage of in our country. They tend to more trusting (a good thing) but that leads to bad decisions sometimes.


"Tony provided service when, where, and how we agreed. I have hired Tony to move an office desk into a difficult space and also to move my entire home and office. Each time the service level was considerably above my expectations. I have and will continue to recommended Tony and his company to friends, family, and colleagues. Tony's attributes also include Personable, Good Value, On Time, and Creative."

- Frank Monetti