Tony's Tips

Tony Baumer, owner of BD Movers, offers lots of great advice regarding just about every aspect of moving. This list is updated often, so please check back regularly. We're here to help!


What is the Tony Box and why do I want one on my move?

The Tony Box is a felt lined crate that all your pictures, glass shelves and Flat Screen TV’s fit safely into. 

Yes, you should pack it!

Lamps, stereos, pictures all must be packed. Even if you never did before or you really don’t think it can be broken.

Cheap is Cheap

If you get a moving quote that sounds too good to be true, it is.


Moving Food (Spoiler alert; Don’t do it)

You should only move foodstuffs that are unopened. Anything opened should be thrown away

“Move for Hunger” Program

On moving day, consider donating your extra food to the food bank.

Packing your house

Start early! When you pack just 1 or 2 boxes a day from the time you learn you are moving, you will be ready.

Recycled boxes

If you decide to use recycled boxes, check them out thoroughly outside your house before you pack them.

Save money on storage moves

When you move into self storage, pick a ground level unit. 

Save money on college moves

Money saving idea for a college move: If 2 or more students are going to the same college/city hire one mover to move them all at one time. 

NJ Moving Busiest weeks

The last week of August will be crazy busy with people moving before school starts, but did you realize the week following Labor day is crazy also? 

It’s not my fault you have too much stuff!

We completed a move last week that brought this to mind. A very pleasant couple was moving into a fairly large apartment at a Senior Living complex. Even though the new place had 2 bedrooms and a fair sized living room, they had 30 years of love and living in their current home. Some things would have to go.


"Tony provided service when, where, and how we agreed. I have hired Tony to move an office desk into a difficult space and also to move my entire home and office. Each time the service level was considerably above my expectations. I have and will continue to recommended Tony and his company to friends, family, and colleagues. Tony's attributes also include Personable, Good Value, On Time, and Creative."

- Frank Monetti