Types of Moves

Moving around the corner, or across the globe, BD Movers can help you get there. Determine what kind of move is right for you, and we'll do our best to get you and your belongings there safely and efficiently.


Down the street or around the corner? We do that. All local movers in New Jersey are regulated by the NJ Board of Public Movers, 
973-504-6475. Calling this number will confirm a mover's license and insurance.


Up the coast or across the country? We can handle that. All interstate moves are regulated by the federal highway administration. Each licensed mover files a tariff that states our rates and how we will charge. The vast majority of movers use the same tariff. We "self haul" on all moves along the east coast. If we can't, we'll tell you! No mysterious movers will come to your home.


Over the border or overseas? We've got you covered. The process is fairly simple; it starts with an in-house estimate of your possessions. There are many items you should not move, for instance, will your VCR work in France? (Maybe not, they use a different video format and the electricity in Europe is not our usual 110 AC.)


Moving office? We'll help out.We know what it's like to run a business. And to move offices. Copiers, computers, furniture and many heavy items are tough to manage alone. Let us help.


You've worked hard your whole life, so now that it's time for a move, let us do all the work. We pride ourselves on taking care of our senior-age customers. For all they've given us, we give back to them.

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