BD Movers offers storage, either long term storage or short term storage to our moving clients.

What are the advantages of a mover with storage?

  • You have climate controlled mover’s storage; our building is heated and insulated, much like your house.
  • Your possessions are crated and secured in movers vaults. They are blanketed and shrink-wrapped where needed.
  • Your items are carefully packed in storage vaults, free of dust and safe from vermin. (Yuck!)
  • We meet all township fire protection regulations.
  • Our building is 36’ above sea level, safe from flooding and storms.  Hurricane Sandy showed us all how important a dry moving and storage service is.
  • Your items are inventoried so no lost items, no confusion.
  • It’s part of your move! No searching for a storage facility and guessing how much space you need. The same safe methods we used moving you are used when we store your furniture.
  • Only our background checked employees are on site, no strangers wandering about.  In fact, we chose a storage warehouse that was not near apartments, pawnshops and cash-checking stores for that reason!
  • Our warehouse facility is available for customer inspection; please call ahead to arrange a time!
  • Our mover’s storage is available for corporate and residential equipment, inventory, records, household goods, and catalog sales.
  • We can accept delivery for you and re-deliver it to your home or business: when you go with a moving and storage company the whole process becomes seamless.

Our moving and storage services are the ideal solution for interior designers, architects, and decorators who accept deliveries for their clients.

Our NJ moving and storage company offers loading of: PODS, self storage, and rental trucks.

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